The Super Hot Genre Of Amish Romance Stories

It seems that the further technology progresses, the more fascinated people become with stories of people who live a simpler life. In the 1970s, there was the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. About a decade ago, the first Amish romance novel hit bookstore shelves and since then, it’s become one of the biggest subgenres in the publishing industry. For instance, 50% of the top selling Christian fiction titles in 2014 were Amish romance stories.

Bonnet Rippers

Sometimes called “bonnet rippers,” Amish stories are for a different kind of audience than are traditional romance novels. These stories lack the sex scenes and innuendo-laden dialogue you’ll find in many other titles – the audience for these stories is, as you’d expect, largely female and evangelical Christian.

50 Shades of Gray It’s Not

It’s a world apart from say, Fifty Shades of Gray. These Amish stories are characterized by the chastity and modesty of their characters. About the most shocking thing you may find in these novels is that an Amish woman (the main characters are usually women) might fall in love with someone who is not a member of her Amish community.

Amish romance stories also appeal to some fans of historical fiction, with dialogue which hearkens back to the old world. Many Amish communities have a way of speaking which hasn’t changed greatly over the past couple of centuries and you’ll often see some Pennsylvania German phrases (like “gut mann” instead of “good man”) sprinkles throughout. This use of Amish dialect helps readers become immersed in the story.

A Step Away From Modern Technology

Most of us are tied to our computers and phones, which adds to the appeal of Amish stories. We’re fascinated with the way that people used to live and like to imagine a slower paced life. These romance novels allow us to do exactly that without actually giving up any of our modern conveniences.

The Amish may be a relatively small segment of the US population, but they are in fact among the fastest growing religious denominations in the country. About a century ago, there were only about 6,000 Amish in the US – that number is now closer to 300,000. The Amish population has expanded out of strictly rural areas and Amish people can now be found in a number of states, sometimes living close to non-Amish populations.

Amish Is Hot These Days

Over 150 self-published Amish stories and novels have come out in the last five years alone and it’s not just Amish romance stories that are getting attention. There have been reality TV shows like “Amish Mafia” and “Breaking Amish” which have generated interest in the group as well as bringing financial benefits to Amish communities. There are also programs focusing on Amish craft traditions and about Amish people exploring the outside world. With this kinds of attention to Amish communities nationwide, it’s no wonder that Amish romance fiction has become so popular.

The Amish are hardly new to this country, but the broader society is starting to pay attention to their unique lifestyle and beliefs. While it’s great that people are taking notice, we should all hope that this distinctive religious community can hang on to the traditions which make them so special.

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