Understanding the Milieu of Black Christian Authors

Like all authors regardless of their genre, popularity and legacy, black Christian authors have their own milieu (i.e., social environment) by virtue of their heritage. Keep in mind that said social environment does not refer to the neighborhood itself but instead to the African American culture in the United States that, in turn, has influences from a wide range of sources.

Broad Category

African American Christian authors obviously contribute to the growth of African American literature, which is loosely defined as the writings (e.g., novels, essays and poems) by people of African descent who are living in the United States. It must be emphasized that the collective body of works made by black Christian authors in the United States are highly varied from sappy love stories to provocative political essays.

Most experts on African American literature agree, nonetheless, that the works of many of the African American Christian authors speaks about the African American presence in the country as well as their thoughts about the ideals on which it is built on, such as democracy, freedom, and equality including inclusiveness for all and racial discrimination. With such a rich heritage stretching from halfway around the world to Africa, black Christian authorscertainly have plenty of things to write about for years to come.

Early Beginnings

Most, if not all, black Christian authors in the United States owe their careers, so to speak, to the likes of Phillis Wheatley, among other late 18th century writers. From the 18th to the 19th century, African American literature was mainly composed of autobiographical spiritual narratives. Many modern-day African American Christian authors still refer for inspiration to these stories of faith amidst terrible adversities because, indeed, these were narratives that evoked the faith of the Lord for His people.

Black Christian authors nowadays are among the well-respected authors in the publishing industry for good reasons. Their deep insights into important matters for African Americans including culture, racism and social equality, among others, continue to make an impact on American culture.

One such author is Toni Morrison who was awarded the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize for her exemplary talents particularly for her novels, which are known for their epic themes and vibrant dialogues. Her masterpieces include Sula, Beloved, and Song of Solomon.

Because of slavery, black Christian authors before and after the Civil War were distinctly divided into two main types, namely, the writings of freed slaves and the works of free blacks born in the North. Both, however, addressed many of the same themes most notably slavery and the injustices that came with the oppression.

Today, racial issues are still a recurring theme among black Christian authors although the narratives have changed to reflect the times. This is reflected in many of the integral works of literature in the United States, such as Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley; Beloved by Toni Morrison, and The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

Keep in mind that most of the black Christian authors, past and present, have been influenced by their African heritage particularly the forced African Diaspora. With its rainbow of distinctions, the African culture is definitely a rich source of inspiration for African American Christian authors.

As such, African American literature is so rich that even the non-blacks have borrowed from it, as is the case with rap, blues, and gospel music as part of literature. Oral traditions are still alive and well, even kicking, among black Christian authors.

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    […] Like all authors regardless of their genre, popularity and legacy, black Christian authors have their own milieu (i.e., social environment) by virtue of their heritage.  […]

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