What Is the Romance Writers of America?

Romance Writers of America, or RWA, is a non-profit which promotes the genre of romance fiction and the careers of dedicated romance writers. RWA’s mission includes networking and advocacy and the organization works to help members find opportunities to earn a living from romance writing.

This romance writers group was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. The RWA has grown to more than 10,000 members in the 35 years since it was founded, with 145 local and online chapters across the United States and Canada; the group’s annual meeting is attended by more than 2,000 members.

Educational Opportunities

Romance Writers of America offers educational opportunities for romance writers, including the online RWA University. Writing classes and other resources are available to RWA members through RWA University which can help members to grow as writers and advance their careers. These classes include courses on romance writing itself as well as business matters such as tax preparation for writers.

Workshops and conferences are also held by local and online RWA chapters on a variety of topics which are of interest to writers interested in a career in romance fiction. Romance Writers of America provides information on the resources offered by local and online chapters. The RWA’s annual conference also includes more than 100 different workshops which are designed for romance writers at every level. You can purchase MP3 recordings of these workshops on the RWA website at: http://www.rwa.org/p/cm/ld/fid=568.

RWA’s website also include a variety of resources such as articles explaining how to make a viable career as a romance writer. There is also a monthly Romance Writers Report which includes the latest industry news – members of the Romance Writers of America can access online and print editions of the report as well as all of the articles which appear on the RWA site.

Who Are RWA’s Members?

The membership of this romance writers group includes a diverse range of people who are interested in the romance fiction industry as well as the literary field more broadly. Members include beginning and well established romance fiction writers, librarians, editors, publishers, booksellers and fans who want to learn more about the industry. The RWA provides a wealth of networking opportunities for writers, booksellers and everyone else with an interest in romance fiction.

RWA Contests and Awards

The organization sponsors various contests and awards to promote the genre; one of these is the RITA contest. The winners are awarded a golden RITA statuette – the contest and award honor the writers of outstanding published romance novels or novellas. The RWA also sponsors the Golden Heart contest, which receives over 1,000 entries annually; the contest recognizes RWA members who have not yet been published. Winners receive a golden heart shaped necklace.

Whether you’re already a published romance fiction author or you’re looking to break into the field, joining theRomance Writers of America can provide valuable resources and help you to make connections that can get your foot in the door. To learn more about the RWA, visit their website at https://www.rwa.org.

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