Ruth Price releases A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity

Ruth Price releases A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity, the first in her Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity series.

This book is currently $2.99

In A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity, we return to the world of Lancaster County Second Chances with Annie Miller, a fifteen-year-old wild child with a Goat-Load of problems! After losing her mamm when she was only six-years-old, 15-year-old Annie Fisher and her family have managed to find some peace and happiness — even as Annie is viewed as a wild child by the rest of the community. But when Annie starts helping her daed out in his shop, things go from bad to worse when Annie accidentally wins an auction for five Nubian goats. Unable to return them or gain a refund, will this wild child find a way to sell the goats and rescue Christmas for herself and her family?

Find out in A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity by Ruth Price.

This book is available on:

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Amish author, Ruth Price strives in her fiction channel a higher good, and while she doesn’t always reach that ideal, she hopes that her readers are entertained and inspired by her stories.. Christian readers will find this book both charming, engaging, and ultimately sweet.

Readers have raved about Ruth Price’s work.

About Lancaster County Second Chances, set in the same Amish community as Ruth’s new series, Amazon reader, Linda Knott says: A very good book, showing how years or months of loss can be turned around and happiness found. An easy afternoon read and although there are the sad parts dealing with death, there are lessons to be learned. I enjoyed reading Second Chances and would most definitely recommend it.”

About the second book in that series, reader, Linda M. Sanchez, raves, “Awesome book! Very enjoyable read.”

And about Ruth Price’s previous Christmas bestseller, An Amish Country Christmas Carol, reader, Slim Sallee raves: “An Illustrated Amish Christmas Carol is a wonderfully crafted story based upon a Christmas classic. Like Scrooge, Hezekiah lost his humanity and spirituality in the pursuit of worldly gain. His story of revelation and redemption, told in an Amish setting, is creative and unique….”

Below is an excerpt from Chapter One of A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity:


The little bell over the shop door tinkled loudly, a current of cold air poured in, and Annie Miller stopped playing with a little ball and cup toy to see who was coming into her father’s store.

Annie’s bright blue eyes peeped out from behind the handmade brooms, but their expectant look quickly dimmed. It was only her cousin, Emma Lapp. Emma was nice enough, but she was courtship age. And that meant only one thing.

Poor Emma had lost her mind.

Annie gave her cousin a pitying look. All Emma ever talked about, all she cared about lately, was boys. She was dull as dirt – that was for sure!

Annie shrugged and went back to seeing how many times she could flip the ball into the cup. She was pushing a new record – 200 – and if she got it, she’d be sure to lord it over Samuel Stauffer, because his record was 180, and he never let anyone forget it.

“Good afternoon, Emma.”

Annie glanced up momentarily. Her father’s redheaded employee, Daniel Gingerich, was standing at attention behind the counter and gazing down at Emma with that goofy look he always got when she came in. Annie frowned. She liked Daniel, but he’d turned into a real goober lately, and Emma was to blame. Not only was she boring, herself – she was spreading the infection to others.

“Good morning, Daniel.”

“More of your friendship bread, I see! Your loaves just fly off the shelves during the holidays.”

There was a soft simpering sound, and Annie rolled her eyes, and then spat out an exclamation, because she’d taken her eye off the ball and missed her shot – just shy of the record, too!

“I made an extra loaf for you, Daniel.”

“Thank you, Emma.”

A crinkling sound advertised the transfer of the gift from Emma’s hands to Daniel’s. Annie peeped at the counter from her hiding place and was astonished to see that Daniel’s hand lingered on Emma’s…on purpose.

She shook her head. It was a rotten shame: Daniel was a sport and pretty good fun when he wasn’t mooning over Emma, but bad was quickly turning into worse. The next thing you knew, he’d probably get all serious and start traipsing off to Emma’s house, and stop joining snowball fights after work with the rest of them.

Annie calculated that it would probably be smart for her to start looking for next year’s softball catcher too, before Daniel bailed, because she could see it coming. She made a mental note to choose a younger player next time, too, so she could count on at least a few steady years before the madness took hold.

“Are you coming to the sing this Sunday, Emma?” Daniel asked softly.

“Oh yes.”

‘Then I’ll be there, too.”

Emma giggled. “Oh, Daniel.

Annie, feeling she could stand no more, stepped out into the center aisle nonchalantly, but conspicuously. Daniel looked up and colored.

“Oh, there you are, Annie! I was wondering where you’d gotten off to,” he said hastily.

She gave him a quick look, thinking that he should be ashamed to tell such a honking whopper, but only shrugged.

Emma turned and smiled at her. “Annie, Mamm has been asking about you. She said that if I saw you, I was to ask you to come over for dinner this weekend.”

Annie goggled at her pretty cousin in dismay. She had to think of an excuse, quick, or else her daed would make her go to her Aunt Katie’s. But every time she went over there, they tortured her with soap and shampoo and brushing and braiding and all manner of foofy nonsense that made her wish that she could just run away into the woods.

“I-I’m sorry, I can’t,” she stammered, “I feel a cold coming on!”

She put a hand to her mouth and coughed. And then, because there were no excuses that worked better than her own feet, she turned and fled.

Daniel turned to Emma apologetically. “I’m sorry, Emma. She behaves more like a little squirrel than a little girl.”

Emma stared at the shop door and shook her head. “Mamm is worried about her,” she replied thoughtfully. “When Aunt Elizabeth died, there was no one left to teach Annie the things a girl should learn. And now she’s 15, almost courtship age, and – look at her. Her hair coming loose, her dress all stained with grass and dirt from climbing and running. She doesn’t even wear shoes until it gets cold.”

She turned her lovely brown eyes back to Daniel. “What boy would ever want to court with Annie?” she wondered aloud. “She doesn’t know the first thing about being a woman!”

Daniel shrugged and smiled. “Oh, she’ll come around, Emma,” he assured her. “When Annie decides she wants to court, she’ll do what it takes to learn.”

Emma shook her head. “Then she’ll have to learn fast,” was her worried assessment….

This book is available on:

Amazon Kindle Nook  Kobo Page Foundry Oyster


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