Family Christian Bookstore December Book of the Month — Mail Order Wife by Montana West

Our Family Christian Bookstore chooses Montana West’s Mail Order Wife as the December Book of the Month!

This is Book 1 of the bestselling Christian Mail Order Brides series, a well loved series in our Family Christian Bookstore.

In Mail Order Wife, we meet Montana homesteader, William Edwards, a widower with two children of his own who doesn’t want to marry again. When his oldest daughter, Mary puts an advertisement in the paper to help his dad find a new wife, William is at first horrified. But can Elizabeth Lowell, a destitute Boston socialite nursing her own heartbreak, become the answer to his unspoken prayers? Will this heartbroken girl save herself, her new family, and make a place for herself in the heart of a stranger who is still in love with the memory of his dead wife?

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Western author, Montana West strives in her fiction to show the community and connections between people of the Old West while telling and entertaining and uplifting story. Christian readers will find this book poignant, romantic, and ultimately inspiring.

Family Christian Bookstore readers have raved about Montana West’s Mail Order Wife.

About Mail Order Wife, Amazon reader, MT Juggs gives the book 5-Stars saying: “I loved the family and suspense. Well written in a very good way. Kept me reading to see how everyone faired and if all turns out well.”

Another reader, Amazon Customer raves, “A very special story about people finding real love in unexpected places where they are searching for their place in life. The story was one of the books that keep you interested from beginning to end. A great book to read and enjoy.”

And a third reader, Dale adds, “This is a must read with the other 2 books…”

Enjoy a video preview of Chapter 1 of Mail Order Wife:

Mail Order Wife is Available On:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

Or if you’d prefer to read the first chapter, there is an excerpt below. 



Elizabeth wished someone would wake her up from this horrible dream. Her world had come crashing down around her, and she did not know what to do or how to face the future. Though grief washed through her, clouding her chubby, round face, she could not bring herself to cry. Her father was dead, and now Gerald Hawkins, his attorney for longer than Elizabeth had been alive, sat across from her in his lavish office, rubbing his palms on the thighs of his trousers with an expression that boded more bad news.

Elizabeth Lowell was nineteen years old, but anyone looking at her at the moment would have thought she was a decade older: her face was so lined with age, pain and anxiety. She perched on the edge of the seat and blinked owlishly from behind her large glasses.

Gerald said, “Miss Lowell. Miss Elizabeth. I am so sorry for your loss.”

“Is that why you called me here? You conveyed your condolences at the funeral.”

“Yes. I did.”

Gerald had been Elizabeth’s father Benjamin’s attorney for over thirty years, and having to give the deceased man’s daughter more bad news saddened him deeply. Benjamin had been a very astute and wealthy businessman, with a knack for smelling new opportunities and grabbing at them. In a short span of time, the man had become very rich. But all that had changed when his wife died ten years ago. It was as though the light had been snuffed out of him. He had lost his touch and died with only debts to his name. Not that his two daughters knew the latter. Not yet.

“Is this about who will be running my father’s factory? Because I cannot be of much service in that. Surely my father notated such things in his will?”

“He did.”

Elizabeth stared at him. A light sheen of sweat shone on her forehead, and she pulled a handkerchief from her bag, twisting it between her hands. “Mr. Hawkins. You’d best tell me.”

“If your father’s death hadn’t been so sudden, I’m certain he would have done more to mitigate things. To prepare you.” Mr. Lowell took a deep breath. “As it is, I’ve done everything I can in order to give you and your sister time for your grief.”

“It’s only been two weeks.”

“But you will have to vacate your home, and there will be an auction for your father’s things—”

“What are you saying?”

“Your father died a pauper, Elizabeth. You and your sister…he left nothing.”

“Nothing—” Elizabeth took a sharp breath. “Nothing! But what are we to do?”

The elderly man shook his head sadly. “I am sorry that in the last ten years your father made unwise business decisions and choices, and he got himself into very deep debt. I advised him to sell off a number of the assets that he had in order to settle some of the debts, and in that way he could have been able to at least have something left over to start again but,” Gerald twisted his lips, “you know just how stubborn your father could be.”

Elizabeth nodded. She knew her father too well. “Then what will happen to us?”

“Do you perhaps have relatives who might take you in, at least for a short while?” But even as Gerald asked, he knew this was a futile suggestion. In all the years that he had been Benjamin Lowell’s attorney, the man had not mentioned any relatives from his side or his wife’s side. His will had bequeathed everything to his two daughters, a will that, right now, was not even worth the paper it was written on.

“Papa was an only child, and Mama,” Elizabeth sighed. She shook her head sadly. “Mama as you know was from England, and when she and Papa got married her English family disowned her, for at the time she was betrothed to a lord, or something like that. Her family never forgave her for slighting them by marrying a commoner.”

“I am sorry, Miss Elizabeth.” Gerald truly was sorry, especially in the light of the other news that he was about to relay to the young woman.

“Maybe if we earn enough from the sale of his possessions, we can perhaps keep the house? Rent out some rooms so that we can have an income, and then Virginia and I can stay in the servant’s section because, of course, we have decided to let the servants go. There is not much work to be done now that Papa is gone. No more entertaining and all.” She nodded, forcing a smile. “We can run a boarding house,” she said with some hope, but this was soon dashed when she looked at the lawyer’s face.

“The house must be sold. It is the only asset that your father had not mortgaged and the bank is demanding a very hefty sum, and all the other assets that he owned will not cover it. That, together with paying off the servants, will leave you and your sister with a little less than fifty dollars.”


“I am sorry child, more sorry than you will ever know. Mrs. Hawkins and I can take you in for a while, until you are grounded again,” he offered, but Elizabeth shook her head.

“We will manage. Somehow.” Elizabeth stood up and drew her shawl closer, the cold chilling her very bones. It was more than the cold that chilled her. It was a heart that was filled with so much dread and despair that she shuddered.

“Miss Elizabeth, the bank’s representative will be by the house later today to do an inventory of all the items in the house. And you will have to leave the house after that, because I will be handing the keys over to him.”

Elizabeth sat down again. “Are we to lose everything then…

Thank you for reading this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Mail Order Wife. 

Mail Order Wife is AVAILABLE ON:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

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