Romance Book Reviews: Interested?

A Look At Romance Book Reviews

Romance book reviews are something that, while not produced directly by the book publishing industry, are part and parcel of it and that includes romance book reviews and Christian book reviews. Whether written by professional literary critics or by consumers who have read the books or stories they’re reviewing, reviews are something that readers and the publishing industry watch closely. Reviews can drive (or depress) sales and of course, they can also let fans know when new books are about to be released.


One group that closely follows romance book reviews and Christian book reviews is of course romance and Christian writers. Publishers will generally make review copies available and distribute them to publications for review by their critics; the number of review copies and where they’ll go may be spelled out in the contract between author and publisher.

A lot of writers don’t like to read their own reviews, but it is a good idea to read them no matter how you might feel about it. Positive reviews, especially those written by well known critics and/or appearing in publications with a broad circulation are a great boost for your confidence, which is important when you’re writing in a niche genre like romance or Christian fiction.

Chances are that not every review of your work is going to be positive; negative reviews are something that every author has to deal with from time to time. If you see your book criticized in the romance book reviews or Christian book reviews, read it anyway. It pays to develop a thick skin in this business, since there will always be critics who don’t care for your work. Secondly, negative reviews can actually be very helpful – you can learn what the critics don’t like about your novels and stories and this can help you to refine your work and progress as an author.


  • Just like authors, publishing companies are also invested in what reviewers have to say about their books. Naturally, publishers look at reviews a little differently than authors do and your publisher will be doing the following when they read reviews of your work:
  • They’ll be on the lookout for feedback from critics and reviewers which confirm what they see as the merits of your book (we all like to feel vindicated, even publishers)
  • Thinking about how to tailor their marketing strategy for your book based on the reviews. This could include adding quotes from positive reviews to advertisements or tweaking the campaign based on other feedback from reviewers.
  • Thinking about how to communicate what they’ve taken away from the reviews so far to you, the author. They may want to talk about some things they’ve noticed that you could do differently to get a better reaction from critics for your next book or just congratulate you on getting good reviews from the right critics this time around.
  • Even if they don’t reach out to you right away, you absolutely should be talking to your publisher about the romance book reviews or Christian book reviews of your work, whether they’re appearing in magazines, newspapers or online. The more you and your publisher can share information and strategize about reviews, the better positioned you’ll be to market your book to the audience you’re trying to reach.


It’s not just authors, publishers, booksellers and other industry types who are reading romance book reviews – it’s also your prospective audience of readers. While there are some readers who shy away from reviews out of a desire not to want to spoil anything ahead of time, there are many who are dedicated readers of the latest book reviews.

Some readers are too busy to read as much as they’d like. These readers follow book reviews because they want to make the most of their time by finding out which books are highly recommended and which they should avoid. If you’re getting positive feedback from romance book reviews, these readers are much more likely to go out and pick up a copy for themselves. Even if you’re getting negative reviews, however, some of these readers may buy your book just to find out exactly why the critics don’t like it.

The audience for book reviews also includes your fellow authors, who have their own reasons for keeping up with what the critics are saying. They might want to keep an eye on what’s coming out and broader trends in the publishing industry. They could be watching what the competition is up to; or they may also be fans who are hoping for your success.

Ultimately, no matter who else is reading your romance book reviews, as an author you need to check them out for yourself. It can be hard to take the negative reviews sometimes, but even these can help you to grow as an author and learn more about what your audience wants to see in your work.

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