Interracial Romance Novels

While the genre had a hard time gaining acceptance from readers at first, interracial romance novels have really taken off in the last two decades. Interracial couples are much more common than they once were and with this broader acceptance, there are a growing number of readers who want to read romance novels that they can relate with personally. There are also readers who want to experience an interracial romance vicariously through these stories.

Interracial Romance Novels

interracial romance novelsInterracial romance novels are much more than just stories of black and white couples. The relationships you may read about in these novels may be any combination of different races; however, for romance writers this makes research and life experience even more important. No writer wants to create characters that are completely unbelievable or worse yet, racial stereotypes.

If you’re writing an interracial romance novel or story, your characters need to be fully realized, relatable people who readers can identify with. Every character has their own set of deeply held beliefs that motivate their actions and make them the person that they are. These beliefs may lead them to conflict in your story and some of these beliefs may be challenged or even changed, but as a writer, you need to make sure that your characters are guided by these core values and beliefs.

Lots of Ways To Tell A Story

There are a lot of different ways that a writer can tell the stories of their interracial romance novels. Whose perspective will the story be told from? You could choose to have one of the protagonists tell the story in the first person, or tell it as an all-seeing observer in the third person. You could also choose to tell the story from the point of view of a family member or friend of one of the protagonists. Depending on the perspective you choose, the story could take many different directions – although as a rule of thumb, first person narratives are more likely to make the reader feel like they’re right there, living through the characters.

Interracial Romance is Hardly New

interracial romance novelsThe stories we’ve seen in interracial romance novels and other media have changed along with the views of society at large. Many readers enjoy these novels because they can immerse themselves in the story without having to give too much thought to the political and social implications of these relationships, while others prefer the realism of reading about the hurdles that interracial couples have historically and sadly, all too often still have to deal with.

The most important message that any interracial romance writer can get across, however, is a very simple one which we all know deep down – people are people, regardless of their skin. We all have differences, whether cultural or social, but underneath, everyone has largely the same experiences and the same basic needs. Love is a universal human experience and we all want to be loved and love in return.

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