Christian Fiction Books New Release — Wayward Mail Order Bride 2 by Montana West

Enjoy the newest of our Christian Fiction Books Today — Wayward Mail Order Bride 2 by Montana West!

This book is currently priced at $2.99. 

This is Book 2 of the bestselling Christian fiction books series, Wayward Mail Order Bride.

In Wayward Mail Order Bride 2, wayward mail order bride, Katherine Wallace nee Murray has found her new home and love with Pastor Gideon Wallace. However, as Katherine strives to build a relationship with her 15-year-old stepdaughter, a plot from Katherine’s intended mail order husband puts her entire family in jeopardy. And when Gideon is attacked, Katherine kidnapped, and Ida on the verge of being forced into marriage to a stranger, is Katherine is strong enough to save her new family, even if it means turning to sin?

Christian Western author, Montana West strives in her fiction to show the community and connections between people of the Old West while telling and exciting and inspirational story. Christian readers will find this book to be engaging, romantic, and ultimately a whole lot of fun to read.

Readers have raved about Montana West’s Wayward Mail Order Bride series, earning the book multiple 5-Star reviews.

About the first book of the series, Wayward Mail Order Bride, Amazon reader, Carolyn Angle,says: “It was a good read. I like short and sweet which it was.”

Also about Wayward Mail Order Bride, reader, Melinda, raves, “It was a good story I really enjoyed it.”

And a third reader, Juanita Smith, sums up her feelings about the first book in one word, “Great.”

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Everybody in Franklin, Ohio came to the wedding of their pastor, Gideon Wallace, and his Irish lass Katherine Wallace.  Gideon couldn’t officiate over his own wedding, of course, so Rev. Horton Ballard came in from Shelby.  The ceremony was brief but Biblical, drawing on the works of St. Peter.

Afterward, the city spilled out onto the property around the church, where there was a feast of roasted goose, stuffing, steaks, creamed potatoes, and much more.

Ida danced with Horatio, play-acting at the romance they hoped would carry them through the rest of their lives.  They’d almost lost each other, and it was a relief just to be together, young hearts beating without worry, unburdened.

Gideon watched them from the table near the side of the yard, the autumn chill not ready to surrender to winter.  Katherine slipped up next to him, her curly red hair piled on her head, ringlets dangling down over her ears.

“Reverend Gideon,” Katherine said coyly.

He smiled gently as they kissed.  “Good day, Mrs. Wallace.”

“Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves,” Katherine said as the two of them watched Ida dancing with Horatio.  “It’s quite a festive season, and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!  And people think New York is exciting!”

“We’ve much to celebrate,” Gideon said.

“Indeed we do.”

“Congratulations!”  They turned to see Balthazar and Selma Brooks, Hortatio’s parents.  Selma’s stern expression was bent into a smile while her husband Bal, much more comfortable with happy expressions, was grinning from ear to ear.  Selma went on, “Blessings on a long and happy life together.”

“That’s so kind of you, Selma,” Katherine said.  “And thank you again for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Bal said, “It was a blessing to be able to help.”

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to undo some of the damage we did.”

Katherine didn’t have to think too hard or too long that Selma was referring to a series of rude meetings and a general air of judgement on her part.  But Katherine had won Selma’s respect, and Selma had come to understand that she was blaming Katherine for problems she was having with Ida and her own boy.  Selma had been afraid that Ida’s dreams of a singing career would lure Horatio away from the farm, away from Franklin, and away from her.

But Katherine had managed to keep the family together, and that had helped keep Horatio and Ida together and in Franklin, for the time being at least.

“We’ll be dancing at their wedding soon enough,” said Gideon.

“I hope so,” Selma replied.

Katherine said, “I hear that theater troop has finally arrived.  I wonder when they’ll have it open.”

“Such a thing,” Selma said, shaking her head.  “A theater!”

Bal said, “A theater needn’t be a blight on the town.  Shakespeare is considered classic.”

“Shakespeare?” Selma said in a shocked and offended voice.  “Incest, rape, murder: classic, indeed.  It may as well be pornography.”

“Wife,” Bal said, “language!”

Selma turned to watch Ida dancing with Horatio.  “I’d hate to think of our little Ida in such company.”

Katherine tried to hide her smile.  “Ida is a headstrong girl, and a gifted singer whose talent won’t be silenced, Selma.  Better that she stay here and sing then go off somewhere else, like New York City with your Horatio in tow.”

“I suppose,” Selma said.

“Excuse me,” a familiar voice said from their left.  Katherine and the others turned to see Sheriff Silas Vance approaching with his deputy, big bald Bruno Bauer.  “Didn’t mean to intrude, Reverend.”

“Not at all,” Gideon said.  “I only wish you’d accepted our invitation.”

“Had to be on duty,” Sheriff Vance said.  “But we did want to come in, let you both know we’re happy for you.”  Katherine looked closer at the sheriff and his deputy.  By their hardened expression, rugged and dust-worn, it was hard for her to imagine them ever being happy about anything.

Daisy Farrina and her husband Ralph approached, Daisy leaning back slightly to support her growing pregnancy.

Katherine asked, “You two having fun?”

“Very much,” Daisy said, straining to smile.  “I should probably sit down.”  Ralph attended to his wife, his red hair combed back.  “And Katherine, thanks again for taking over at the school house.”

“More than a pleasure,” Katherine said, her Irish brogue subtle but unmistakable.  “The children are a joy.”

“Some that aren’t so little can be a real handful,” Daisy said.  “But be strong with them and you’ll do fine.”

Katherine smiled.  “As long as I have you to go to for advice, I shan’t worry about a thing.”  But looking back at the two dancing youngsters, Ida and Horatio, Katherine knew there would probably be much to worry about.

Above everyone’s heads gray clouds rolled over Franklin, and a distant rumbling was heard, suggesting a storm to come…



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