Christmas Books Recommendations from Our Family Christian Bookstore Readers!

Family Christian Bookstore readers recommend over ten Christmas books for 2015.

Christian book readers looking for Christmas books recommendations can purchase read over a dozen books recommended by fans of Global Grafx’ Press’s family Christian bookstore. These books include popular titles such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss and Amish books favorites like Vannetta Chapman’s A Simple Amish Christmas. These books range from free offerings like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and upwards.

The Christmas books recommendations were in response to a contest asking readers to name their favorite Christmas book and give a brief description as to why.

Amish author, Ruth Price, started the dialogue, stating that her favorite book for Christmas was The Gift of the Magi by O’Henry, also recommended by reader, Nancy Griggs.

Ruth explained that when she was nine years old, her grandmother gave her a palm sized, hardcover book titled The Gift of the Magi by O’ Henry. The book is worn at the spine and some of the pages are threatening to come loose, which only makes it more precious to her. Ruth reads the book as a reminder that Christmas is about love for God expressed through our love for each other.

Readers can find this Christian book and other recommended books here:

 Recommended books include A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman. 

This book is recommended by Martha Jane Randell who raves:  “…A Simple Amish Christmas by Vanetta Chapman … shows the true meaning of Christmas which is LOVE for your fellow man!”

Another Christmas book, titled Advent Storybook by Antoine Schneider, is recommended by Estelle LaFleur, who explains: “When I was a principal of a Catholic school, I took time every day during Advent to read a short story to the
kindergarten classes. …It was a lovely way to prepare ourselves for the beautiful Christmas season. Now, I’m looking forward to reading this to our grandson.”

And a third book, Seeker of Stars by Susan Fish offers a unique retelling of the story of the magi in the Bible.

This book is recommended by Pat Quick,who says: “Unexpected surprise – this was the very first book I reviewed on Amazon. It opened the door for me to go on to do other reviews on other books, which included some of your [Ruth Price’s] offerings as well.”

Readers can look over these recommended books and many more here:

These book are available on Kindle as well as having many offered in paperback, and through other eBook distributors like Nook and iBooks.

And of course, we hope that readers also enjoy our Christmas books, including our newest Lancaster County Christmas Collection from Ruth Price and Rebecca Price.

Lancaster County Christmas Collection

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