Best Christian Books – Amish Fairy Tales Collection Selected as January Book of the Month

Enjoy One of our Best Christian Books Collections — Amish Fairy Tales 4-Book Boxed Set Collection by Rachel Stoltzfus as Our Family Christian Bookstore Book of the Month!

Amish books readers looking for the best Christian books collections can purchase the Amish Fairy Tales Collection by Rachel Stoltzfus as Global Grafx Press’s Family Christian Bookstore January Book of the Month. This is a collection of Books 1-4 of the bestselling Amish Fairy Tales Series series.

Rachel Stoltzfus’ Amish Fairy Tales Collection begins with Amish teen, Ella who must find the strength to fight for her future with her love Samuel in the face of treachery, violence, and a shocking tragedy that threatens everything she’s ever wanted. In Amish Sleeping Beauty, when orphaned teen Zelda’s beloved aunt is stricken by a mysterious illness, Zelda will have to find a way to save her family while facing the possibility that she is cursed. Lastly, in Amish Snow White, when Amish teen, Gerta is reunited with her beloved sisters, will she have the strength to step out from her uncle’s shadow and forge her own path before it’s too late?

Readers can purchase the full collection for $5.99 on these platforms:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

It is also available in Paperback for $19.99 below: Paperback CreateSpace Paperback 

For those who would prefer to read some for free before making a decision about the series, you can download Amish Cinderella #1 FREE here!

Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. Christian readers will find this book whimsical, absorbing, and ultimately charming.

Readers have raved about Rachel Stoltzfus’s Amish Fairy Tales Collection.

5-Star Review - Christian Books About the Amish Fairy Tales 4-Book Boxed Set Collection, Amazon reader, Macy Jackson, says: “I loved this series. It was nice to have the option to get all the books at once so you can read them one after the other!”

5-Star Review - Christian BooksAnother reader, Myrtle Davidson raves, “The author kept you on your toes waiting to see what would happen next. I loved this series. Romance, mystery and everyday life.”

5-Star Review - Christian BooksAnd a third reader, Charlotte Berkner, says this about her experience of the book, “I really enjoyed reading the four stories. Look forward to reading more of Rachel Stoltzfus. I would recommend her work.”

Readers can purchase the Amish Fairy Tales Collection is being offered $5.99 in eBook format at the below platforms:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

It is also available in Paperback for $19.99 below: Paperback CreateSpace Paperback 

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