Discount Christian Books – Simple Truths by Rachel Stoltzfus 99c!

Grab one of our best discount Christian books for 99c today — Simple Truths by Rachel Stoltzfus!

Amish book readers looking for great discount Christian books can purchase Simple Truths by Rachel Stoltzfus for 99c on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and 24Symbols through January 18th, 2016. This is Book 2 of the bestselling Amish Country Quarrel series.

The book is regularly priced at $2.99 but is available for 99c through Monday 1/18/16.

In Simple Truths, something seems odd when best friends, Mary Shrock and Rachel Troyer, are approached in the Amish market by an Englisch couple who are interested in interviewing them for an “educational” article. The girls find their fears well founded as the strangers embark on writing an inflammatory expose. Readers will find themselves riveted when one of the Englischers tries more direct action, putting Rachel, Mary, and their entire Amish community is in deep peril.

This book is available on:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  24Symbols

Christian author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and uplifting. Christian readers will find this book wholesome, engaging, and ultimately meaningful.

Readers have raved about Simple Truths.

5-Star Review - Christian Books “I really enjoyed this book! I can’t say I’d ever imagine myself seeing the Amish as a cult, but it made sense…and I loved how Melinda was able to face her own preconceptions (and pain that came from her fear for her cousin’s cult involvement) when she realizes what a mistake she’s making, and how dangerous her and Troy’s actions are becoming to the community. This book really shows the strength and courage of all of the main characters: especially Melinda and the Amish community who come together to protect the children.” — Eleanor Gravitt (

5-Star Review - Christian Books “Rachel is a wonderful and very captivating author!” — Rachel Warfield (

5-Star Review - Christian Books “This is definitely a five star. I enjoyed the story and loved the good morals it stressed. This is a good way to spend your evenings!” — Amazon Customer (

This book is available on:

Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  24Symbols

Simple Truths is being offered 99c on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and 24 Symbols. It is regularly priced at 99c and will be returning to that price on Tuesday 1/19/2016. If you love discount Christian books, this great read is available at 99c for a limited time only!


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