Boxed Set Collections

Here are our boxed set collections. Most of these are a 30-50% discount from buying the books in the series individually! Enjoy!

  • 99¢ TODAY – A Lancaster Amish Sketchbook 3-Book Boxed Set Bundle (Amish Identity)


    When faced with the temptations of the outside world, will childhood sweethearts Beth Beiler and Isaac Yoder stay true to their faith and each other?

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  • A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob 9-Book Boxed Set


    Orphaned. Facing jail. An Amish home is Jacob’s last chance.

    The Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob series is the story of how one troubled teen learns to live and love in Amish Country. Follow Jacob Marshall in Books 1-9, now in one GIGANTIC volume!

    Readers LOVE the Home for Jacob Series:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books “The story is an excellent and heartfelt description of a boy who is trying to find his place in the community – either city or country – by surmounting incredible odds.” — About Book 1, reader Willa Hayes

    5-Star Review - Christian Books “I love this series so far. It follows the coming of age of Jacob Marshall who has been taken in by an Amish family. The interactions between Jacob and his new Amish world is wonderful. It makes you smile, laugh and cry.” — About Books 1-2 Tom Ivich, reader.

    5-Star Review - Christian Books “This was a very fast read and enjoyable stories about a foster child who moved from the city to become an English boy in an Amish home. His trials and tribulations are what makes the stories so interesting. It is a heartwarming look at how an orphan finds love in a family for the first time. Jacob made many changes from the time he left the orphanage to the time he spent in the Amish environment. I could not put them down because I wanted to know what would happen next.” — Referring to Books 1-5 of the series, Amazon reader, BJE.

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  • Sale! Lancaster County Christmas Collection

    A Lancaster County Christmas Collection

    5-Star Review - Christian Books


    Are you ready to be entertained and inspired this Christmas season?

    Enjoy three Christmas books from bestselling authors Ruth Price and Rebecca Price as well as a bonus short story from Ruth Price.

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    Readers Love A Lancaster County Christmas Collection:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “Excellent book. Perfect to read this time of year for sure. Ruth Price is a gifted writer and I have enjoyed every book that I have read of hers.” – Amazon Customer (Kindle Reader)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “Loved the book. It was a wonderful read!” – Sarah Price (Kindle Reader)


    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “Very interesting and enjoyable read. The only problem was how to get any housework done since I couldn’t quit reading.” – Emalou Horton-George (Kindle Reader)

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  • Amish Peace Valley 3-Book Boxed Set

    Denial. Redemption. Love.

    Enjoy the Peace Valley Amish Series in one Great Collection!

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    Readers Love the Amish Peace Valley Series!

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“This was an excellent depiction of a difficult topic. It shows no religion or culture is exempt from domestic abuse, but it was handled in a loving manner. I read the book in one afternoon, (Should have been getting ready for company.) but wanted to see how it turned out.” Jo Ann Koertner (Amish Truth Be Told)

    5-Star Review - Christian BooksOne of the best books I have ever read. This book shows that domestic violence can affect anyone from all walks of life. No one including those from different denominations are excluded.” Kindle Customer (Amish Truth Be Told)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“Author Rachel Stoltzfus wrote a fantastic book in Amish Heart & Soul. This subject is so sensitive to many people, but this author has written the novel so tactfully and I could not stop reading.” Barbara Thompson (Amish Heart and Soul)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“This is hard for Lizzie and Leora but thru it all they have the entire community behind them. When you are abused from the start and it goes for generations it is hard to break. This book has opened up a subject that few want to discuss. Thank you for writing about this subject.” – Karen C Riley (Amish Heart and Soul)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“Rachel writes the most wonderful romance novels, respectable and tender. This book was very different than most of her books. Dealing with a subject that needs to be addressed for woman today. I have known a couple of woman in this situation that did not know what to so. This answer was handled perfectly in this book.” Kindle Customer (Amish Love Saves All)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“I read books 2 and 3 and the enjoyed very much. Seeing as it deals with reality, both physical and verbal abuse. It happens everywhere, the least expected areas. These are great books to read, I could not put down. Great job!!!!!” Grandma E (Amish Love Saves All)

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  • Amish Seeds of Change 3-Book Boxed Set

    Rivalry. Manipulation. Triumph.

    Get all 3-Books of the Amish Seeds of Change series in ONE AMAZING VOLUME!

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    Readers Love the WHOLE series:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “Well written story which touches a subject that is very relevant. The characters are lovable and the story is fast moving. I can’t wait for the sequel.” – dgw (Amish Seeds of Change)

    5-Star Review - Christian BooksAmish Courage is a great book that Rachel has written again that will keep you hooked from beginning to ending.” – dlair (Amish Courage to Change)

    5-Star Review - Christian BooksWhat a wonderful ending to the series. Emma’s ability and willingness to forgive as God directs to. And then to see what unrepentance and a reprobate mind causes and the effects awesome. Being able to show the affect it has on the family as well as the community is truly explained so everyone can understand. I sat and read this book in one day – it is that good and well written.” DiMcK (Amish Time of Change)

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  • Sale!

    An Amish Country Calamity 5-Book Boxed Set

    ON SALE THROUGH CHRISTMAS (Reg. $6.99/Sale $5.99)!!

    Mistakes. False promises. Can an Amish tomboy find true love?

    Get the entire Amish Country Calamity series in one volume. Over 900 pages of sweet (and funny) Amish romance.

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    >>> PREQUEL: An Amish tomboy. A costly mistake. Can Annie save her father’s business?

      Return to the world of Lancaster County Second Chances with Annie Miller, a fifteen-year-old wild child with a goat-load of problems! Since losing her mamm when she was only six-years-old, Annie and her daed have managed to hold it together. But 15-year-old Annie Fisher is viewed as a wild child by the rest of her Amish community. So when she starts helping her daed out in his shop, and she makes a terrible mistake costing thousands of dollars, will she be able to redeem herself and save her daed’s business? Even if it means learning how to care for five, four-hooved monsters?

    >>> BOOK 1: A Dangerous Winter. Deadly Peril. Will Annie snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy?

      As Annie struggles to save her failing business, her life spirals towards disaster. Growing up means she can’t stay “one of the boys.” And even if she could, none of her friends like playing second fiddle to a flock of ill-tempered goats. But when a hard winter puts the goats, and Annie herself, in deadly peril, can she snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy?

    >>> BOOK 2: A forbidden buggy race. Will defiance cost a child’s life?

      When Annie’s beau, Samuel, risks his life in a forbidden buggy race, Annie is caught between loyalty and honor. Especially when her best friend and rival suitor threatens to expose everything. But when a child’s life hangs in the balance, will Annie have the strength to make the right choice, even if it means sacrificing love?

    >>> BOOK 3: Two suitors. One decision. Who will win Annie’s heart?

      After Annie Miller’s beau, Samuel Stauffer’s reckless buggy racing leaves a young child clinging to life, he turns his back in shame on Annie and his Amish life. Confused and angry, Annie struggles to keep her goat business afloat, but between new suitors, robbers, and brutal coyote attacks, the situation swiftly spirals towards disaster. Will Annie have the strength to help her friends, save her goats, and salvage her relationship with Samuel? Or does God have other plans for her?

    >>> BOOK 4: She’s decided, but is this the life she wants?

      Annie has made a decision about who to marry, but can her love make up for his careless ways? Is Annie right to keep her faith in him? Or did she make a terrible mistake? Join Annie as she dips her toe into the Englisch world and ultimately chooses her path to happiness in the riveting final book of the Amish Country Calamity series.

    An Amish Country Calamity 5-Book Boxed set is an edge of your seat Amish series filled with good values, great humor and a whole goat-load of romance. If you’re looking for a unique Amish read guaranteed to to leave you feeling uplifted, grab this complete collection now!

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  • BEST VALUE – – A New Mexico Mail Order Bride Boxed Set Bundle (New Mexico Mail Order Bride Serial)


    New Mexico rancher has a large inheritance and larger problems when local girl, Rita Martinez decides to stop at nothing to win his hand…and his lands. Will a mail order bride be the answer to Joseph’s prayers? Or will the Chicago woman just add to Joseph’s stable of troubles?


    Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

  • BEST VALUE – A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob 5-Book Boxed Set Bundle (A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob – Boxed Set Series 1)

    Will orphaned teen Jacob Marshall overcome his troubled past and find love and acceptance in Lancaster County?


    Amazon Kindle Nook  iTunes  Kobo  Page Foundry  Oyster

  • BEST VALUE – A Lancaster Amish Storm 3-Book Boxed Set Bundle (Amish Identity 1)

    Will Zach and Katie’s love be strong enough to survive the oncoming storm?

  • Sale! Amish Connections Boxed Set Cover

    BEST VALUE – Amish Connections 3-Book Boxed Set Bundle

    As children, they watched their daed die. As adults, can these Amish siblings find the courage to risk their hearts for love?

    THREE BOOKS IN ONE – Limited Time Discount Price!

    When fourteen-year-old Samuel Hershberger and his nine-year-old sister Judith witness their daed’s death in the family cornfield, their lives are irrevocably changed. Seven years later, Judith confronts her helplessness by taking on a calling to heal, but will she be able to reconcile her love of Englischer medicine with her life as an Amish woman and growing love for Isaac, a visiting preacher’s handsome son? And what about Samuel, who at twenty-one is still unable to decide between an Englischer or Amish life? Will Miriam Umble, the beautiful and troubled Amish girl who Samuel agrees to help return home to Elkhart, Indiana, be the key to restoring his faith? Or will their secrets break each other’s hearts? Find out in Amish Connections, a three novella collection, parts 5-7 of the Out of Darkness Amish Romance series.

    Amish Connections: Out of Darkness Megabook 2 consists of three novellas: Lancaster Hearts, Road to Salvation and Courting Miriam.


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