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  • Married in Sugarcreek – A Simple Amish Romance BOXED SET: Amish Romance Book Bundle: The Lonely Deacon, Blind Sight, The Sugarcreek Fishing Club (Boxed Set: A Simple Amish Romance 1)

  • Out of Darkness Megabook – Complete Series Boxed Set Bundle (Out of Darkness 1-10)

    Must Read for Lovers of Amish Romance Novels: When a mysterious woman stumbles, bloody and beaten, onto widower Abram Yoder’s Lancaster farm, will he find the faith to love again?


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  • Simple Amish Love 3-Book Boxed Set (Simple Love: Amish Books Series 4)

    Friendship. Betrayal. Love.

    LIMITED TIME: Enjoy THREE Heartwarming Stories of Amish Romance for $2.99.

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “It was fun, touching and left me smiling at the end. It’s a nice sweet romance with really nicely developed characters and a nice plot that is both interesting and heartwarming.” – purpleocean642 (

    5-Star Review - Christian BooksGreat stories. Keep up the wonderful work . I love learning the ways of the Amish. Looking forward to more stories.” – wendy (

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“This is the best set of Amish Love Stories that I have read. Once started I couldn’t put down. Keep up the good work Rachel Stoltzfus.” – Phillys Rowe (

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  • The Shadow of Death – 3-Book Boxed Set Bundle (Amish Faith Through Fire 2)

    When a tragic loss strikes at the heart of seventeen-year-old Katie Lapp’s home, will she find the strength to save her family? Or will depression, rage and loss of faith lead Katie’s mamm to make a final, horrifying mistake?

  • Winter of Faith Collection


    Join Miriam Bieler and her Amish community as they survive hardship, face encroachment from the outside world, and find love!

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    Readers have raved about the first edition of this collection:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“… I found this story to be very affecting, and it kept me guessing to the end. Great read!.” — Angel (

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“I chose a 5 star rating because it was one of the best Amish books I have read. All of the books kept my interest until the very end. Recommend highly to all Amish book readers.” — Pam henry (

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“I found this book a wonderful read. It moves smoothly, keeping you attention till the last page. I would recommend this book.” — rootbeermug (

    BOOK 1 – When a difficult winter leads to tragedy, will the faith of this Ephrata Amish community survive a series of storms that threaten their resolve to the core?

    Winter is sweeping across the Amish community of Ephrata. The winds are already strong, sharp and biting, and far off cloud banks hang ominously in the distance. When Amish community members gather for church, young Hannah Miller comes with the flu and a snowstorm blows in suddenly, causing whiteouts, winds and blinding weather while stranding church members at the Beiler home. This is but the first of a series of difficult times which threaten life, limb and happiness of these Ephrata residents. Will this community’s faith survive a series of storms and a tragic, shocking loss?

    BOOK 2 – When Miriam Beiler, a first class quilter, narrowly avoids an accident with an Englischer who asks her for directions to a nearby high school, will this chance meeting push Miriam and her Amish community to an ultimate test of faith?

    Amish woman, Miriam Bieler is being courted by John Fisher, and she’s moving towards being Baptized into the Amish community, but a chance meeting with an Englischer leads to deep trouble when Lance Newman begins stalking her. What happens next will forever change this peaceful Amish community and test the faith of all involved.

    BOOK 3 – When another suitor wants to steal John away from Miriam, who will see marriage in the upcoming wedding season?

    With Miriam’s stalker, Lance Newman in police custody, Miriam and John’s future together seems bright and hopeful. But when Miriam is called to speak at Lance Newman’s trial, will she have the strength to face her abuser? And when another suitor wants to steal John away, who will see marriage in the upcoming wedding season? Find out in The Wedding Season, Book 3 of the Winter of Faith series.