Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity Series

  • An Amish Country Calamity 4


    She’s decided, but is this the life she wants?

    Annie has made a decision about who to marry, but can her love make up for his careless ways? Is Annie right to keep her faith in him? Or did she make a terrible mistake? Join Annie as she dips her toe into the Englisch world and chooses her path to happiness in the riveting final book of the Amish Country Calamity series.

    An Amish Country Calamity is an edge of your seat Amish book filled with good values, great humor and a whole goat-load of romance. If you’re looking for a unique Amish read guaranteed to to leave you feeling uplifted, grab this book now!

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  • An Amish Goats Gone Wild Calamity 3 Cover

    An Amish Goats Gone Wild Calamity 3

    NEW RELEASE — Amish Entrepreneur Annie Miller Faces Her Greatest Challenge Yet…

    Abandoned by her beau, Annie Miller struggles to keep her goat business afloat, but between new suitors, robbers, and brutal coyote attacks, will she have the strength to help her friends, save her business, and her shot at true love?

    Readers are already RAVING about An Amish Goats Gone Wild Calamity 3:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“I didn’t expect that ending! Annie Miller has a lot of perseverance and strength, but seems to face obstacles daily to challenge her Amish roots! Not many of us have two loves at the same time like this story’s heroine who both promise to give her happiness. I’m thinking her love for her family and her faith will win out in the end. I will be anxious to read what happens next!” — D Greenacre (

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  • Goats Gone Wild (Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity Book 2)

    NEW RELEASE – “I was captivated by the grace and grit Annie Miller shows in this delightful addition to Ruth Price’s Yule Goat Calamity series.” – Rachel Stoltzfus, Author of Amazon Bestseller Amish Country Tours.

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    Spunky Amish teen, Annie Miller struggles to save her failing goat business, but when the goats wreak havoc and her friends grow sick and tired of playing second fiddle to a flock of foul toothed, four-legged monsters, her life spirals towards disaster. Worse, off-kilter and overwhelmed, Annie faces even more difficult obstacles as her status as “one of the boys” is challenged by her growing femininity. But when a hard winter places the goats in deadly peril, with God’s help, will Annie’s tenacious spirit allow her to snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy? Find out in Goats Gone Wild by Ruth Price – a unique Amish read guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat, inspire a few chuckles, and leave you uplifted through the very last page.

    We’re getting some great early reviews on this book:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    “Great read! I was laughing out loud at some parts! Annie Miller is a plucky young lady. I really loved how we got to see Annie grow and develop through this story. This is a fun and sweet story with lots of humor. Loved it, and am excited for the next book!” — Sherene Holly (


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    This book follows Annie Miller from A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity. You don’t need to read the first book to enjoy this one, but once you’ve finished this book, we hope you’ll want to learn more about these goats! This is a clean, Christian book.

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  • Goats Gone Wild 2 (Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity – Book 3)


    Amish teen, Annie Miller is up to her eyeballs in goat trouble — and now the boys are trying to drive her nuts too!

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

    I LOVED this book! Annie is such a strong, vibrant and interesting character — and so funny too! I just found myself smiling all of the way through this book. Well written, with lots of sweet family moments as well as some pretty realistic showings of young love (and its pitfalls). One thing I really loved about this book was that actions had real, and sometimes painful consequences. Everything felt true to life, and I really love how the author shows Annie, who is clearly a tomboy, also taking steps towards being a woman in her own right. I’d say more, but I don’t want to give the book away (especially the ending — WOW!) Great read! Highly Recommended!” — Deborah Spencer (

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    Amish teen, Annie Miller is up to her eyeballs in goat trouble — and now the boys are trying to drive her nuts too! When one of her best friends and beau, Samuel, risks his life and the life of his horse by participating in local buggy races to impress her, Annie is caught between loyalty and honor, especially when her other friend, Aaron, threatens to expose everything. Can Annie make the right choice, even if it means sacrificing a friendship? Or will her silence come at the cost of innocent lives? Find out in Goats Gone Wild 2, Book 3 of the Yule Goat Calamity Series.

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  • NEW RELEASE — A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity


    When 15-year-old Annie Miller mistakenly orders $3000 in Nubian Goats, will she be able to save Christmas for herself and her family?

    A Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity has received RAVE REVIEWS from Readers:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books
    “This is very enjoyable read. I love the story. It was funny and very interesting to see how things were going to work out.” — Elizabeth Harris (

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“It is well written and easy to read and get immersed in the story. Loved it! I want more…” — galawren (

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“This is a great book. I found myself laughing at some of the things Annie managed to get herself into. Also I could relate because I was a tomboy also. Please read this book you will not be disappointed. I received this book as an ARC and I am giving my honest review.” — Amazon Customer (

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