Amish Peace Valley 3-Book Boxed Set


Denial. Redemption. Love.

Enjoy the Peace Valley Amish Series in one Great Collection!

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Readers Love the Amish Peace Valley Series!

5-Star Review - Christian Books“This was an excellent depiction of a difficult topic. It shows no religion or culture is exempt from domestic abuse, but it was handled in a loving manner. I read the book in one afternoon, (Should have been getting ready for company.) but wanted to see how it turned out.” Jo Ann Koertner (Amish Truth Be Told)

5-Star Review - Christian BooksOne of the best books I have ever read. This book shows that domestic violence can affect anyone from all walks of life. No one including those from different denominations are excluded.” Kindle Customer (Amish Truth Be Told)

5-Star Review - Christian Books“Author Rachel Stoltzfus wrote a fantastic book in Amish Heart & Soul. This subject is so sensitive to many people, but this author has written the novel so tactfully and I could not stop reading.” Barbara Thompson (Amish Heart and Soul)

5-Star Review - Christian Books“This is hard for Lizzie and Leora but thru it all they have the entire community behind them. When you are abused from the start and it goes for generations it is hard to break. This book has opened up a subject that few want to discuss. Thank you for writing about this subject.” – Karen C Riley (Amish Heart and Soul)

5-Star Review - Christian Books“Rachel writes the most wonderful romance novels, respectable and tender. This book was very different than most of her books. Dealing with a subject that needs to be addressed for woman today. I have known a couple of woman in this situation that did not know what to so. This answer was handled perfectly in this book.” Kindle Customer (Amish Love Saves All)

5-Star Review - Christian Books“I read books 2 and 3 and the enjoyed very much. Seeing as it deals with reality, both physical and verbal abuse. It happens everywhere, the least expected areas. These are great books to read, I could not put down. Great job!!!!!” Grandma E (Amish Love Saves All)

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Denial. Redemption. Love.

Enjoy the Peace Valley Amish Series in one Great Collection!

Book 1 – Amish Truth Be Told

Can the light of God’s truth transform their community, and their husbands’ hearts? Or are some secrets too painful to reveal?

Book 2 – Amish Heart and Soul

A lifetime of habit is hard to break, and for one, denying the truth will put not only his marriage, but his life, at risk. What is the price of redemption? Can there truly be peace in Peace Valley?

Book 3 – Amish Love Saves All

Can the residents of Peace Valley, working together, truly move past antiquated views in order to save themselves?

Find out in the Amish Peace Valley 3-Book Collection by Rachel Stoltzfus. The Peace Valley Amish series is a thought provoking Christian collection certain to bring you joy.

Available on:

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If you love well written Amish fiction that will keep you turning pages to know what happens next, start reading the Peace Valley Amish 3-Book Boxed Set now!

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