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Amish Books New Releases – The Long Run by Ruth Price and Sarah Carmichael

Enjoy The Long Run, one of our Exciting Amish Books New Releases by Ruth Price and Sarah Carmichael!

In The Long Run, when an Englisch track coach scouts David Beiler, a Amish natural born runner, to run for a local high school team, David must choose between his developing interest in a young Amish woman, Salome, and a future as a track star. And even as he struggles with this decision, things go from bad to worse when Salome’s widowed mamm, Sarah, is courted by a controlling and abusive Amish widower. Readers will be riveted, wondering if David will be able to protect Salome from terrifying abuse, even if it means giving up a chance to be a star.

This book is available on:

Amazon Kindle Nook iTunes Kobo  Page Foundry Paperback for $8.99

Amish author, Ruth Price strives in her fiction channel a higher good, and while she doesn’t always reach that ideal, she hopes that her readers are entertained and inspired by her stories. Amish author, Sarah Carmichael has always loved telling stories, and when she met Ruth at a local farmer’s market and the subject of writing came up, they began collaborating on this and other books. In her writing, Sarah strives to tell an entertaining story that shows the beauty of God through the seemingly small moments of our everyday lives.

Readers have raved about Ruth Price and Sarah Carmichael’s The Long Run:

5-Star Review - Christian Books“…I jumped right in and finished it in one sitting! The story line caught my attention from the first page as I tried to figure out where an Amish runner and a public school coach would fit in to real life in an Amish community. The author has woven a couple of “real life” dramas which makes it a mystery to me how it will end. I really can’t guess what’s going to happen as the series continues…” — D Greenacre (Amazon.com)

5-Star Review - Christian Books “…a great Amish book! the story is a very good example about the Amish culture, lives and how they are dealt with. a must read! I received this book as an ARC, winning it. I can’t wait for the next book!” — Amazon Customer (Amazon.com)

5-Star Review - Christian Books“It has kept my interest. David is a wonderful young man who is smart and he is a real Amish. I hope he is able to join the trainer Rob .He will be able to go places and have a good life. Thank you for a wonderful story.” — Amazon Customer (Amazon.com)

The Long Run is one of our great Amish books new releases. It is being offered for $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Page Foundry and 24Symbols. It is also available in paperback for $8.99 through Createspace, Amazon.com and other online book distributors. Readers will find this book engaging, uplifting and ultimately a sweet read.

This book is Available On: 

Amazon Kindle Nook iTunes Kobo  Page Foundry Paperback for $8.99

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