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Simple Amish Pleasures by Rachel Stoltzfus

Enjoy Simple Amish Pleasure for FREE on Kindle through 9/22/2016

If you are looking for a delightful Amish book, Rachel Stoltzfus is offering her book, Simple Amish Pleasures for free on Kindle through September 22nd, 2016. It is regularly priced at $1.99. This is Book 2 of the Simple Love series. It is also available in Paperback for $7.49.

In Simple Amish Pleasures, newly minted Amish teacher, Annie Fisher is ready to start a new school year in Peace Landing. Having been baptized over the summer, Annie is excited to begin her life as an Amish woman. And when the Wedding season arrives, she and Mark will be married. But there is a hidden danger that threatens everything Annie wants, everything she’s worked for, and everything she loves.

Will Annie face it, and if she does, will it destroy her?

Download Simple Amish Pleasures for FREE on your Kindle or Purchase it in Paperback HERE

Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to present a fair and honest representation of a love that is both romantic and sweet. Readers will find this book provocative, engrossing, and ultimately uplifting.

Readers have raved about Simple Amish Pleasures:

5-Star Review - Christian Books“I can’t wait to read the next book. Once I start reading these wonderful books I can so easily lose myself.” — Jan Booth (Amazon.com)
5-Star Review - Christian Books“I enjoyed reading this book. Everyone has sinned, the question is, ‘Will they repent?’ I don’t think Hannah will repent. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.” — Lori Koffman (Amazon.com)
5-Star Review - Christian Books“A great book to read if you love to read a true Amish love story. I recommend that book as a great read.” — Phyllis Rowe (Amazon.com)
Simple Amish Pleasures is being offered for free on Kindle through 9/22/16. It will be free thereafter with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. This book is regularly priced at $1.99. It is also available in paperback for $7.49 through Createspace, Amazon.com and other online book distributors.

Download Simple Amish Pleasures for FREE on your Kindle or Purchase it in Paperback HERE

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