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Amish romance novels

  • Sale! Courting Miriam Cover

    Courting Miriam (Out of Darkness – Amish Connections Book 3)

    Will their fragile relationship survive her homecoming? Or will her secret tear them apart?

    Must Read for Lovers of Amish Romance Novels – Enjoy the Riveting Conclusion to the Bestselling series!

    After a harrowing journey from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Elkhart County, Indiana, it seems there’s something special between Samuel Hershberger and Miriam Umble. But when the road is behind them and secrets are revealed, will the couple’s fragile relationship survive Miriam’s homecoming? And what about Andrew Kauffman, the handsome Amish widower who promises Miriam everything that Samuel can’t give? Find out in this third and final novella of the Amish Connections series. Courting Miriam is an Amish romance novel that “not only makes you feel better for reading it but teaches principles we all can live by.”


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    If you love a “beautifully written book has you rooting for love and happiness for all concerned,” then start reading Courting Miriam today!

  • Danika’s Journey (Amish Girls Series – Book 2)

  • Englisch on Purpose (A Prequel to Amish by Accident)

  • Joanna’s Struggle (Amish Girls Series – Book 1)

  • Sale!

    Lancaster County Second Chances

    When an Amish widow and widower, against all odds, begin to fall in love, will they have the faith to risk their hearts a second time?


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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 2 – 99c for Cyber Monday (Reg. $2.99)

    As widow and widower, Katie and Joseph prepare for a traditional Amish wedding, their fragile happiness is threatened when Joseph’s younger sister, Cora, takes refuge in his home. But will Joseph’s household survive the consequences of Cora’s terrible secret?


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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 3

    Amish teen, Cora Lapp has weathered abuse and betrayal to return to her Amish home, but now that she’s found love, is that enough?


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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 4

    As Cora and Isaac prepare for their wedding, Katie and Joseph for their baby, and Mary for her trip to Paris, simple mistakes have heart wrenching consequences. Can any of their futures match their dreams?


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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 5

    Will Mary’s defiance of the Ordnung force her to leave the Amish community before she’s even chosen her path? Will Cora lose the place and home she’s built for herself when she faces judgment for her breaking of their community’s Amish law? And will Leah destroy Isaac and Cora’s marriage?



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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 6

    When Amish newlywed, Cora Muller gets some unexpected but very special news, will concerns about her health force her husband, Isaac to risk their Amish life and home? And what about Amish youths, Mary and Seth, who are struggling to choose between the Amish and Englisch world — even as Seth finds himself slowly succumbing to a mysterious illness that he can’t find the strength to face?


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  • Lancaster County Second Chances 6-Book Boxed Set Bundle

    LIMITED TIME OFFER — ALL 6-BOOKS — 45% OFF! ($14.95 Value — Only $7.99)

    Tragedy. Faith. Love.

    Join widow and widower Katie and Joseph as they find the faith to love again while Joseph’s lost sister struggles with a terrible secret that may threaten them all in the six exciting books of the Lancaster County Second Chances 6-Book Boxed Set.

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

       “From the first page to the last you won’t want to put it down. The only bad thing was, I hated to see it end. Great author, I will definitely be reading more of her work.” — Kindle Reader.

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

        “Keeps your interest and holds it. Not at all predictable and that’s the best part.” — Mary (Kindle Reader)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books

        “I love to read these books. They are calming and full of reference to God in an otherwise stressful world.” — Kindle Reader


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  • Sale! Lancaster Hearts Cover

    Lancaster Hearts (Out of Darkness – Amish Connections Book 1)

    Will this Amish girl find love without sacrificing her calling to heal?

    OVER 10,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED – Must Read for Amish romance lovers!

    When nine-year-old Judith Hershberger witnesses her daed’s collapse and death in her family’s Lancaster County cornfield, she vows before God never to be so helpless again. Now at seventeen and on her Rumspringa, she’s doing her best to balance life as an Amish woman with the pursuit of Englischer education. But when an Amish guest preacher comes to Judith’s district’s church meeting, bringing along his handsome son, Isaac. Will Judith win Isaac’s love, and can she be true to her heart without abandoning her calling to heal? Find out in Amish Connections, Book 1, sequel to the bestselling Out of Darkness Amish romance serial.


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    If you love Amish Romance Novels, choose your eReader and start reading today!

  • Leah’s Legacy (Amish Girls Series – Book 8)

  • Lilies on Daybreak Pond (The Men of Lancaster County)

    Rachel Stoltzfus Recommends:

    “I chose Lillies on Daybreak Pond because think this short book really allows you to get to know and love the characters and thus serves as a perfect introduction to the series. Joel’s grief and confusion is palpable at the disappearance of his daughter, and starting the story with him trying to find his beloved dog, Shadow serves as the perfect catalyst to carry us along with the present and past storyline. In this story, we get a wonderful snapshot of Amish life grounded in a specific family and their experiences. I really liked the arc of this short piece. It draws you in and leaves you wanting more!”

  • NEW RELEASE — A Lancaster County Christmas Yule Goat Calamity


    When 15-year-old Annie Miller mistakenly orders $3000 in Nubian Goats, will she be able to save Christmas for herself and her family?

    A Lancaster County Yule Goat Calamity has received RAVE REVIEWS from Readers:

    5-Star Review - Christian Books
    “This is very enjoyable read. I love the story. It was funny and very interesting to see how things were going to work out.” — Elizabeth Harris (Amazon.com)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“It is well written and easy to read and get immersed in the story. Loved it! I want more…” — galawren (Amazon.com)

    5-Star Review - Christian Books“This is a great book. I found myself laughing at some of the things Annie managed to get herself into. Also I could relate because I was a tomboy also. Please read this book you will not be disappointed. I received this book as an ARC and I am giving my honest review.” — Amazon Customer (Amazon.com)

    This book is available on:

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  • Out of Darkness – Book 1 (Out of Darkness Serial (An Amish of Lancaster County Saga))

    Must Read for Lovers of Amish Romance Novels: When a mysterious woman stumbles, bloody and beaten, onto widower Abram Yoder’s Lancaster farm, will he find the faith to love again?

    Available On: 

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